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Teacher tutoring student - Tutoring

Teacher tutoring student - Tutoring

The “college trail” is different for every student.  College planning and preparation is overwhelming for students and parents alike.  Students must negotiate a maze of high school courses and activities and reprioritize regularly.

Are you taking the right courses?  Do you know which extracurricular activities match your interests and aspirations?  We build custom solutions around the student and do not fit the student into a predetermined mold.  We:

  • Help you get the most out of your investment towards a quality college education.
  • Give you an edge in achieving your goals.
  • Want you to be seen as an asset by college admission committees.

Unlike most college counselors, we are strategists who focus on knowledge not found in books or web sites.  We know that each student is unique and requires personal attention for early planning, strategic positioning, and preparation for the journey to college and beyond.  College admissions and tutoring for students, backed by a strong track record of success.

We assist students in gaining and sustaining a competitive advantage throughout their academic lives, and go beyond the obvious by implementing innovative ideas and results-driven solutions.

College culture and admission criteria evolve rapidly and require professional insight to stay abreast of change.  Competition for acceptance is intense, and this intensity adds to the stress and confusion that surrounds students and families at this time.

A college education is one of the most important decisions and investments for a family.  Can you afford not to invest in a private counselor in order to make sure you have the best opportunities available?

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