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The College Trail, founded in 1996 by Stanford Engineer and Cornell MBA, Rod Turner, provides students and their families all three components of academic and college admission support:

  1. College Planning, Preparation, and Admission Strategies
  1. Academic Coaching (tutoring) where we specialize in math & science but offer our services in all subjects.
  1. Standardized Test Preparation. 


After thirteen years in the business our company remains synonymous with academic prosperity.  We:

  • Only hire tutors and counselors with extensive experience in both college admissions and high school counseling.
  • Encourage students to begin the college planning process as early as possible.
  • Stress personal contact, either in person or via webcam.
  • Are results-oriented and don’t confine services to an hourly limit.
  • Solicit formalized feedback on service quality and use this feedback for training and compensating our associates.
  • Are affiliated with the industry’s top associations and leverage these relationships to update the services we provide.  College Admissions coaching and tutoring backed by recognized industry affiliations and a solid track record of success.


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For Schools and Educators

The College Trail emphasizes the importance of collaborating with our students’ teachers and schools.  We strongly believe that communication across all stakeholders is critical to the student’s success.  We:

  • Aim to add value to partner schools’ college placement results.
  • Require our tutors, college counselors and academic coaches (tutors) to reach out to their school counterparts at the outset of every new student relationship, and require that our associates keep schools abreast of student progress.
  • Track all ongoing communications with schools for proper evaluation and follow-up.
  • Ask our students’ schools to encourage staff to open their doors to foster effective communication channels.
  • Offer tailor-made presentations and forums to students and families and their schools.
  • Believe in the “Power of Ten” – funding our foundation and giving 10% of our profits to services and scholarships for those in need.  We can help you with your tutoring and college admissions strategy.  College admissions and tutoring strategies from a company with a track record of success.

We also offer transition plans from competing services who have dissatisfied customers or who have gone out of business.See our special program for College Focus clients here:  collegefocus

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