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Now is the time to lay the road map for the next 4 years. We point you in the right direction.
There is a whole world of activities off-campus waiting to be explored. We identify the opportunities that colleges value most.
Your career path need not be cast in stone, but you better give the matter some thought. We direct you to preferred summer job avenues and steer you clear of those that are a waste of time.
Past failures, personal struggles, and poor decisions now become your strengths. We will show you how to turn these hardships into fuel for your application fire.


College Admissions Counseling and Tutoring Offered Globally


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Math Tutoring

Tutoring in math and science tutoring are the foundation of our business.  We provide tutoring for all local schools in Newport Beach, Orange County, California.


Standardized Test Preparation

Standardized test scores are extremely important in building a winning profile for admission into college.  We offer small group and individual programs focused toward your particular needs.  We include preparation programs for:

  • ACT
  • AP
  • ISEE
  • GRE
  • GMAT
  • LSAT
  • MCAT

The College Trail offers private college counseling, in-home tutoring, and standardized test preparation to intermediate and high school students and their families.

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Elizabeth, mother of three, explains why she chose The College Trail

The Problem: College Admission takes more than great grades
First a student may need help with math tutoring, then as the regimen increases coaching for college admissions becomes more important.  College admissions has grown so competitive and complex that it is no longer enough to have the highest GPA or test scores.  In fact, many of the best students are passed-over in favor of students with lower grades who demonstrate leadership, character, and the ability to overcome obstacles.  Students with heavy course loads and parents with busy schedules are finding it increasingly difficult to effectively strategize, plan, and complete the hundreds of tasks necessary for admission into quality colleges.

The Solution: Hire a private tutor with a path to a college counselor
A student who has capitalized on opportunities is coveted by college admissions staffs.  The student who can build a coherent case for his or her college prospects with evidence supporting his character is far more desirable than the student who has chosen easier courses and jobs.  College admissions professionals can guide a student in making critical decisions.  Our firm can help start students out in tutoring (including math tutoring) with a qualified tutor, then help them move up to a college admissions coach when needed.

The College Trail LLC, an educational consulting firm founded in 1996 by Stanford and Cornell graduate Rod Turner, is one of very few companies that provide solutions in all three major components of college preparation:

  • College planning, preparation, and college admissions strategies
  • Private academic coaching and tutoring
  • Standardized test preparation

The College Trail offers a comprehensive, holistic approach in helping you plan and implement a winning strategy for acceptance into the colleges best fitted to your student’s personality, qualifications, and career aspirations.  We:

  • Design admission strategies as early as possible for college admission
  • Work with families and schools in building a focused course plan throughout high school
  • Provide ideas for extracurricular and summer activities which develop passion and expertise
  • Help students and families build and refine college selection criteria
  • Aid in planning college campus visits and meetings with admission representatives
  • Consult students in outlining and editing winning college application essays
  • Guide families through the best solutions for college financial aid.
  • Support students wishing to transfer after two years in college

Academic Coaching (private tutoring)

The College Trail was originally founded as a private tutoring company.  What makes us different from any other math tutor, science tutor, or academic tutor? We stress the importance of study skills, mastering important concepts using tutors as role models.  Our focus on private coaching sessions (usually at your home or local library) enables customized solutions to fit your student’s needs.  We coach all of the major disciplines:

  • Math tutors provide all fields of mathematics (pre-algebra, algebra I, geometry, algebra II,  trigonometry, pre-calculus, AP Calculus, and AP statistics).  You can count on our math tutors' expertise.
  • Science (biology, chemistry, physics, AP biology, AP chemistry, AP physics)
  • History (United States, European, World, AP United States, AP European, AP World) 
  • English (I-IV, writing, reading, literature, AP Language, AP Literature)
  • Foreign languages (Spanish, French, German, Italian, Latin, Hebrew, Japanese, Mandarin)

* We currently serve Orange County and San Diego County (CA).  Coming to your area soon.

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